Source code for im_debug

"""Debugging image display.

This is a simple module that shows images on screen using PyGame.
It is not used anywhere in the standard UI, serves only for debugging.

    import pygame
except ImportError, msg:
    import sys
    print >> sys.stderr, msg

[docs]def show(image, caption='', name=None): """Initialize PyGame and show the *image*.""" if image.mode != 'RGB': image = image.convert('RGB') pygame.init() if caption: caption = "Imago: " + caption else: caption = "Imago" pygame.display.set_caption(caption) pygame.display.set_mode(image.size) main_surface = pygame.display.get_surface() picture = pygame.image.frombuffer(image.tostring(), image.size, image.mode) main_surface.blit(picture, (0, 0)) pygame.display.update() while True: events = pygame.event.get() for event in events: if event.type == pygame.QUIT or event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN: pygame.quit() return